13 People Shot During Chicago Memorial Event Honouring A Shooting Victim


Tragedy struck a house party in Chicago this Sunday, when thirteen attendees were shot and injured by at least two gunmen. The party was held in honour of a loved one who was shot and killed in April. “There was a dispute where shots were fired inside,” said Patrol Chief Fred Waller. “The people started to spill out, and as they spilled out more shots were fired. So we have about three [shooting] scenes.” Waller revealed that authorities have already arrested two suspected shooters, one of which was armed with a revolver while the other suffered a gunshot wound during the incident. “POD videos shows who was firing outside so we have some information about what happened there… It looked like they were just shooting randomly at people as they exited the party,” Waller explained. “One of the people who left the party also fired shots at a passing vehicle.” Police do not think the shootings were gang-related, but rather were caused by a personal dispute. 

The victims are of various ages, ranging from as young as 16-years-old to 48-years-old. Mayor Lori Lightfoot offered her condolences to the victims and paid a visit them in the hospital. She took to Twitter on Sunday morning to address the situation, urging anyone with information on the incident to come forward. “People deserve to live their lives without fear of someone pulling out a gun — especially in a moment of reflection and remembrance during the holiday season,” she wrote. “Now, more than ever, our faith must overcome our fears.”

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