177 New Emojis Are Set To Arrive And Change The Game


Emojis have always been about capturing the sentiment. Be it congratulating somebody with the prayer hands, expressing displeasure with the “unamused face,” or incognito flirting by way of eggplants and peaches, the emoji landscape has become a cornerstone of modern-day communication. To think what our forebearers might have thought, were they forced to decipher an iMessage transcript. In fact, some might even be so bold as to call emojis a “language.” After all, like many languages, emojis have continued to evolve over time.

Stephen Lam/Getty Images 

Now, 117 new emojis are set to join the fray over the course of the next year. Many have already accepted the “smiling face with tear” as a reflection of their soul, while others simply cannot wait to ask for the gabbagool with “Italian hand.” There are women in tuxes, men in wedding dresses, and the transgender flag. There are mammoths and dodos, buffalos and polar bears. A Ninja seems destined to develop a dubious euphemistic meaning. As for the beaver…well…Canadian pride? Sike, another inevitable euphemism. 

Check out the new batch below and sound off with your early favorites. 

from HotNewHipHop.com https://ift.tt/2u1rVsF

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