2 Chainz & Future Cause The Zombie Apocalypse In “Dead Man Walking” Visuals


Both 2 Chainz and Future kicked off 2020 with a strong start, delivering new music for us all to enjoy. When 2 Chainz announced earlier this week that he would be dropping a collab with Future on Friday called “Dead Man Walking,” it seemed too good to be true. The two haven’t released music together in years, and while they boasted about making “the hardest song in the world” last summer, no clear timeline was given for when we could expect to experience it ourselves. Along with the announcement, 2 Chainz gave us a little sneak peak at the track’s visuals, which have now been shared in full.

Keeping with the “walking dead” theme, the video features a cast of zombies seemingly awakened by 2 Chainz and Future’s return to the scene as collaborators. These clips are interspersed with shots of burning cars and Mary statues, as well as overexposed photos from the video shoot. Despite the rising zombie apocalypse that they are presumably at fault for, 2 Chainz and Future remain unbothered. They never come in contact with the undead creatures despite insisting that they “see dead men walking,” choosing instead to lay low in a garage with their entourage, smoking and showing off their ice. As far as theme-appropriate visuals go, they hit the mark, but the video ends before it feels like it even began, sitting at a brief 2:52.

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