2 Chainz Has “Given Up” On Jay-Z Feature After Multiple Rejections


He has finally delivered his anticipated So Help Me God! album and 2 Chainz’s fans can’t get enough. The rapper appeared on The Breakfast Club on Friday (November 13) where he discussed his latest project and Charlamagne Tha God brought up Jay-Z, as 2 Chainz paid homage to the rap icon on his track “Southside Hov.” The ATL rapper said he spoke with Jay about the record before including it on the project while also revealing why he’s given up on ever receiving a coveted Jay-Z feature.

2 Chainz, Jay Z, Southside Hov, So Helep Me God, The Breakfast Club
Ari Perilstein / Stringer / Getty Images

“Me and Hov cool so I sent him the video when I did it,” he explained. “Just to show him the angle that I wasn’t trying to be him, but that was the…since it was a Hov sample and the things that I was talking about in the song, it was some Hov stuff, so I named it ‘Southside Hov.’ But um, he was like, ‘I’m humbled by it.’ It was a cool back-and-forth we had, but I sent him the video as soon as I did it.”

For nearly a decade 2 Chainz has been trying to get Jay-Z to gift him with a feature, but it has yet to happen. “As far as trying to get him on something, yes, I’ve given up on that,” said 2 Chainz while The Breakfast Club hosts laughed. “I don’t like rejection and I got this little mental thing—the people don’t even know this. People that I deal with don’t even know this, where I might ask somebody something three times over my whole life and secretly, after the third time, I won’t ever, ever, ever probably like [say anything].”

After DJ Envy said he’s more of an “ask twice” and then never ask again type of person, 2 Chainz admitted he’s more of a “twice” person, as well. “Not even saying that towards Hov, it’s just like…I’ve said it a couple times, even on my bucket list, I said something recently. Being on the Rolling Stone, Obama, Hov… If it happens, it’ll be a blessing, if it don’t happen, it just be something that don’t happen.”

2 Chainz also spoke about Jay with Apple Music. “I don’t really have a role model. There are people that I admire how they move. Hov is one of them. Being a very cool individual and knowing how to move in a room full of vultures. I’d be lying if I said there were some parts about the brother I didn’t study.”

Check out 2 Chainz chatting with The Breakfast Club below.