2 Chainz Has Impromptu Pull-Up Workout On Busy NYC Street


2 Chainz saw an opportunity to get some reps and he seized the moment. The “I’m Different” rapper showed NYC passersby that he is different indeed as he stopped to do pull-ups on bars set up over the sidewalk. In the video of the spontaneous workout posted to Instagram, 2 Chainz does rep after rep with ease as busy New Yorkers move around him trying to get home, get to work, or possibly just walk fast because they’re New Yorkers. Some of the looks on their faces show annoyance at the inconvenience and some smile as they see what is going on. 

2 Chainz
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The caption on the video of 2 Chainz flexing on the sidewalk reads, “Came to NYC to handle some business and to shop !!! ANDDDDD I ASSUMED it was gone be cold as helll ! So my country ass wore long Johns and wellll look a here it’s dam near 80 degrees up dis mudafuca !!! OH YEH IM NICE ON THE PULL UPS”. The upper body strengthening exercise is often a challenging one, but not for 2 Chainz as he practically smiles all of the way through. The video is short, so we don’t get to find out if 2 Chainz can do more than ten at a time, but given how easily he repeatedly pulls his body upwards one can assume he could technically do more. Check out the video below.

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