2 Chainz Honors His Aunts Who Served Out Lengthy Prison Sentences


The women in 2 Chainz’s family aren’t to be messed with, because the rapper shared a photo of his relatives that encompassed 50 years behind bars. In May 2018, the rapper was excited to welcome home is Aunt Punkin who was released from prison after serving 28 years. 2 Chainz hasn’t been shy about talking about how his mother and aunts played a large role in his life, but he’s also admitted that his family members have had their own run-ins with the law.

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“A lot of my family has gone to prison,” 2 Chainz told The Urban Daily back in 2012. “One of our aunts is still in prison since ’88 and another one of our aunts just came home. They went together. And I’ve gone to jail.” He explained that his first stint was when he was 15-years-old after he got arrested on a drug charge. Both of his parents were in jail and he was arrested while at school. “And the cycle started from there. I never did a lot of time but from there, every other year I would go to jail.”

Now, 2 Chainz is successful enough to provide for his family and give back to those that took care of him. In an Instagram post with his aunts the rapper wrote, “Yesterday my aunt Myra (In The red ) turned 70 Thank God , she did 20 years in prison and is still beautiful, in her right mind and driving and my other auntie punkin jus got out from doin 30 !!now won’t he (GOD) do it !!!she looking like it tooo!! #GODISLOVE.” Some real ones. Check out the photo below.

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