2 Chainz Leaves N.O.R.E Stunned Over His Choice Of Munchies


Jay-Z’s made massive moves in the past few months between the sale of TIDAL as well as Ace Of Spades but it’s his foray into the cannabis industry that came from left-field. Though many rappers have emerged onto the scene with their own strain, Hov’s Monogram strives to bring the best products into the hands of its consumers.

Monogram might be new to the market but their strains are winning over some of the most seasoned smokers. 2 Chainz recently joined N.O.R.E. for the latest episode of High Tales that was aptly titled (Too) High Tales. Apparently, Chainz got a little too smoked out for the episode so they ended up compiling the outtakes from the shoot. This was ultimately the result of too much Monogram floating in the air which Chainz admittedly tries for the first time. “Alright, alright, Jay-Z. Okay, Jay-Z,” said Chainz mid-cough.

At one point, N.O.R.E. gets the exclusive on Chainz’s munchies of choice: cotton candy grapes. “I get high and I want cotton candy grapes. You ever had them before?” he asks N.O.R.E who seemingly needs a moment to process this concept. The clip suddenly cuts to footage of Chainz on the phone with an associate inquiring about where these could be located. It seems that Chainz successfully caught the interest N.O.R.E who said that he was going to try them soon. 

Check out the latest episode of High Tales below. Have you tried Jay-Z’s Monogram cannabis line yet? Sound off in the comments.