21 Savage Catches Heat From Sauce Walka Over Cubic Zirconia Joke


A quick joke on Clubhouse has caused 21 Savage to be in hot water with Sauce Walka. There has been much talk about dermal piercings and jewelry being implanted in rapper’s faces in recent days after Lil Uzi Vert surprised the world with news he was having the procedure done. According to the rapper, since 2017 he’s been paying off a $24 million pink diamond in order to have it attached to his face. Recently, Uzi shared images suggesting that he had the expensive piece of jewelry implanted into his forehead, adding that if he attempts to remove it he could face death.

Sauce Walka had a few words to say about it, considering he also recently received a $250K teardrop diamond implanted, as well. While on Clubhouse, 21 Savage joked that Walka’s diamond was cubic zirconia, and it seems that Sauce Walka wants all the smoke with the Atlanta rapper.

“But you do know who I’m talkin’ ’bout. Shut yo b*tch ass up before I get to talkin’ sh*t about you,” Walka screamed in a video clip he uploaded to social media. “You don’t want me to expose you.” In the caption, he added, “@21savage Hatin & Pillow talkin to them hoes….. IG got u PUNK n*ggaz hurt huh F*CK IT new classic drippin grab ya phone.”

You can check out Sauce Walka’s video for yourself below.