21 Savage & Chris Brown Proudly Show Off Their “Usher Bucks”


Social media was outraged after finding out that R&B legend Usher had allegedly used fake money with his face on the bills at a strip club in Las Vegas, as claimed by one of the dancers. Taking a photo of the money laying on the ground of the club, the woman called out Usher for making it rain with a fake currency, calling him “disrespectful” for the move. Once the story started picking up steam, she retracted her initial statement and said that the singer actually paid quite generously, dropping thousands on bottles and private dances. 

This latest brush of controversy has sparked some fun jokes on social media, and other celebrities are getting in on the memes. On Tuesday night, 21 Savage, who admittedly loves Usher’s music, posted up with a handful of “Ush Bucks,” stunting with the money on Instagram. “Y’all ain’t the only ones gettin that usher money,” he wrote as his caption.

Chris Brown also got his paws on the in-demand form of currency, proving that he’s also got some “Ush Bucks” laying around the house for a rainy day. “When I say the boy got his own money… da boy got his own money,” he wrote, posting a picture with a hundred-dollar Usher bill covering his eyes.

With all of this trending on the internet, now would be the perfect time for Usher to announce his own cryptocurrency. His fans would surely also be happy with a new project if he’s got one stashed away for times like these.

How much do you think “Ush Bucks” are worth at the exchange desk?