21 Savage Is Done With People Who Hold Him Back: “Stay The F*ck From Around Me”


The new year is creeping up quickly and as people scramble to overspend for the holiday season, 21 Savage is getting reflective. This year the rapper has experienced dramatic events in his life that have forced him to reevaluate not only the moves he’s been making but the people he’s had in his circle. He took to his social media on Wednesday to share a brief message, letting the world know that only real ones will be allowed in his presence moving forward.

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“2020. ’19 almost over with,” he said on his Instagram Story. He didn’t fluff up his message and got straight to the point. “F*ck n*ggas who come around fake kickin’ it. Come around me to gossip and talk sh*t about n*ggas then go hang with n*ggas. Stay the f*ck from around me. All you grown-ass men who feel like it’s my responsibility to make you rich: stay the f*ck from around me. All you n*ggas who jealous and envious and be around hanging and talkin’ bad behind a n*gga back: stay the f*ck from around me.”

The rapper added that in 2020 he’ll be expanding on the foundation he’s already laid out for his career, and he can’t have people pulling him back into immature behaviors. “I’m on some whole other sh*t,” he added. “I’m tryin’ to run this sh*t up, make this sh*t an empire. Whoever wanna be involved, y’all can be involved. But all that other sh*t, I ain’t f*ckin’ with that sh*t. Stay the f*ck from around me. Keep your b*tch ass somewhere else.” Check out his clip below and let us know what you’re trying to rid yourself of in 2020.

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