21 Savage Jokes That Sauce Walka’s $250K Diamond Implant Is Fake


As we await news on the next rapper to get a massive piece of expensive jewelry surgically implanted somewhere on their face, 21 Savage has a few jokes for Sauce Walka. Ever since Lil Uzi Vert revealed that he allegedly spent $24 million on a rare pink diamond only to have it placed into his forehead, the war over “who did it first” has been taking over social media. Uzi claimed that he’s been paying off the diamond since 2017, and after dropping the last few stacks, he reportedly went through with the surgery.

The rapper also told fans that if he attempts to remove it he could die, but not everyone thinks that Uzi actually went through with it. Sauce Walka, however, is a firm believer, and he even chastised Uzi for getting the diamond implant just weeks after Walka revealed that he got a teardrop diamond dermal piercing on his face. Uzi later revealed his inspiration was Lil B The Based God, but Walka remained unmoved.

While on Clubhouse recently, 21 Savage was on a panel when someone mentioned the piercing debate. “I think Sauce Walka got Cubic Zirconia,” the rapper chimed in before laughter erupted. He’s known to troll his fellow artists, so it was all in light-hearted fun. Check out the brief audio clip of 21 Savage and take a look at Sauce Walka’s face jewelry below.