21 Savage Jumps On Normani’s “Motivation” Remix


Let’s not get it twisted. I’m expecting all the “NotNewHipHop” comments because this is a total pop banger but let’s be real, 21 Savage justifies the Very Hottttt rating. We don’t get to hear from him much these days and the Atlanta-based emcee just hopped on the official “Savage” remix to Normani’s smash hit “Motivation.”

The song has been getting some impressive airplay around the country and now, an even bigger boost is coming from the hip-hop community. Starting off the new release of the track, 21 Savage comes through with his incredible ad-libs and braggadocious bars, introducing us to a new side of the song. Of course, the beat is extremely radio-friendly, with a bouncy, repetitive melody going over and over and sticking in your head, just begging for you to hit the replay button.

Do you prefer the original or the remix with Savage? I think I already know the answer but, hey, it was worth checking.

Quotable Lyrics:

I rap for a living so she know I’m off the hook
Use to be a dog in the past, now I’m good
She a pop star, I got her hanging in the hood
Call her Home Depot, I fill her up with wood 
Play with her, you get smoke, capeesh, understood?

from HotNewHipHop.com https://ift.tt/2MTBL6w

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