21 Savage Releases New Single “Immortal” On Halloween


Late last year, 21 Savage informed the entire world that he was ready for all the smoke on “Immortal,” a song that debuted in the trailer to the new Mortal Kombat game. Some tech-savvy fans were smart enough to rip the audio and keep it on repeat for damn-near the next twelve months but finally, they no longer have to settle for low-quality streams. “Immortal” is officially out now and it’s just as good as you remember.

Announcing several hours ago that he would be coming through with his new single, it didn’t take long for it to get uploaded to streaming services worldwide. If you’re looking for a spooky way to start your day, Savage has just the thing for you. His fast-paced raps, on-point adlibs, and quotable bars will get you out of bed in no time. No cap, “Immortal” is the perfect way to begin Halloween and it makes sense why Savage kept it until today to release. The subject matter is spooky and falls right in line with the general tone of the day.

Listen to the new 21 Savage song below and let us know what you think! Are you glad the Atlanta-based rapper is back?

Quotable Lyrics:

At the door, with a Draco
Don’t nobody move I don’t wanna have to blow
Rappin’ ass n***as get spent at they shows
That’s why I need some help I got a fetish for the smoke
It get fatal in the bottom, used to rumble in the den
Hit him with a combo, gotta finish him
AK make you frown since you think you wanna grin
Seems like all the models just be fallin’ in my DMs

from HotNewHipHop.com https://ift.tt/2BXzTmN

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