22Gz Destroys “Whoopty” Rapper CJ: “Giving Me [6ix9ine] Vibes”


Not only does Staten Island drill rapper CJ have the most unsearchable name on the planet, but he’s also got a lot of accusations against him from critics and artists alike that aren’t feeling his vibe. The latest rapper to come forward against CJ is Brooklyn’s stand-out 22Gz, who is accusing the viral star of “stealing sauce” without giving credit.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

22Gz has been a huge name in Brooklyn for the last few years. Before state-mandated lockdowns hit, his music could be heard everywhere in the streets of the New York borough. In the last year, “Whoopty” rapper CJ has started to get a lot of attention from the state, hailing from Staten Island, but some people aren’t pleased with his success. Pitchfork writer Alphonse Pierre published a piece on Friday about CJ, titled, “New York Drill Rapper CJ Is Nothing But a Shameless Ripoff.” Pierre isn’t the only person who thinks this of CJ, as 22Gz co-signed the article and shared his own two cents.

“@realcj_ giving me 69 vibes & boy from staten island the safest borough in nyc,” wrote 22Gz about the “BOP” hitmaker. He’s not the first person to make the 6ix9ine comparison. With a quick search on social media, you’ll see that a decent number of people are making the connection. “Heard he ain’t even whoopty fr why steal my sauce and not show love?” wondered 22Gz. 

This week, CJ released his latest single “BOP”, which feels like the appropriate follow-up to “Whoopty”. Are you a fan of CJ or do you think he’s stealing sauce?