2Pac’s “Until The End Of Time” Gets Vinyl Anniversary Release


Though his life was cut tragically short after a fatal shooting, the legendary 2Pac Shakur managed to bless the game with four studio albums prior to his passing. Yet the music did not end there — his estate went on to deliver an additional seven posthumous albums, including the Eminem-produced Loyal 2 The Game, The Don Killuminati, Better Dayz, and Until The End Of Time — the latter of which recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary.

2Pac Shakur

Tim Mosenfelder/ImageDirect/Getty Images

In honor of the occasion, the quadruple-platinum double-album Until The End Of Time will be receiving an ambitious vinyl release, set to arrive in full on July 23rd. The complete package will feature four vinyl discs, as well as a four-page LP Folio Book that includes a handwritten tracklist from Tupac, as preserved by the estate. Interested parties and Pac collectors would be wise to pre-order this one right here, with the price currently listed as $89.98. 

Technically billed as 2Pac’s seventh album, Until The End Of Time has never been officially re-released until now. It’s certainly welcome, as the project has proven to be a fan-favorite among the posthumous releases, with many of the vocals allegedly recorded during the sessions for All Eyez On Me and Makaveli: The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. Should you hold this project in high regard, be sure to voice your thoughts in the comments below, as it can sometimes feel like Pac’s posthumous output is forgotten in the wider hip-hop discourse. Do you think Until The End Of Time is one of the best posthumous albums ever?