3 Judges Face Suspensions After Drunken Trip To White Castle Ends In Shooting

Three Indiana judges wanted to have a little fun on the night before an educational conference in Indianapolis, so they decided to have some drinks and head out on the town. During a quick stop at White Castle, however, the trio was involved in a violent confrontation.

According to CNN, Judge Sabrina R. Bell of the Crawford Circuit Court flipped off two men who were driving by. The two men then pulled over and the entire group dissented into a verbal argument. The argument turned physical and judge Andrew Adams of the Clark Circuit Court 1 and judge Bradley B. Jacobs of the Clark Circuit Court 2 were both shot by the men and taken to a nearby hospital. 
“Respondents’ actions were not merely embarrassing on a personal level; they discredited the entire Indiana judiciary,” the state Supreme Court said its Tuesday ruling. 

The group of judges has since apologized for their unruly behavior. 

“I wholeheartedly apologize for my behavior that evening that has embarrassed the Indiana Supreme Court, my fellow judges and all the members of my chosen profession. I cannot offer any excuses for the events of that evening nor do I attempt to offer any excuses for those choices,” Jacobs said in a statement.

“I am fully aware of the embarrassment I have brought to the Indiana Judiciary, my family and specifically my community. There is not a minute in the day that I don’t think about the significant repercussions my actions have caused. I take full responsibility for my actions as they neither met my expectations or the expectations placed upon me as a judicial office,” Adams said in another statement, according to the Indianapolis Star.

The shooter is scheduled to go on trial in January and faces several charges.

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