50 Cent Brushes Off “Power” Fans That Criticized Him For Last Week’s Episode


50 Cent uses social media to stay in close communication with Power‘s viewership. He reminds them to tune in every week. He supplies them with funny memes to counterbalance the frustration they may experience from some moments of the television show. At times, he takes into consideration the viewers’ complaints and tries to appease them. When Power‘s sixth season kicked off over the summer, fans were disappointed to discover that the original theme song had been replaced by a new rendition by Trey Songz. After weeks of protest, Fifty conceded to switch the theme back to the version sung by Joe. This kind of relationship between a show’s executive producer and its fanbase can be fun, but it must be difficult to monitor the satisfaction levels of the masses. 

50 Cent has taken to Instagram to call out all the Power watchers that criticized him for last Sunday’s episode. “Y’all some funny motherfvckers man,” he wrote in a caption on a photo of himself. “Called me all kinds names because y’all didn’t like the last episode… now we friends again. 🤔ain’t this some bullshit.” In a follow-up post, he continued: “Now everybody love me again, I wasn’t shit last week. 🎥 say sorry or something nice.”

In the midst of his beef with Fif, French Montana leaked a clip from last week’s episode of Power before it aired and tried to warn its viewers that they would be disappointed with the outcome. I guess he was on to something. Anyway, read our recap of that episode here

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