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50 Cent Chooses Sides In Cuban Doll’s Beef With King Von’s Sister

On Wednesday afternoon, Cuban Doll and Kayla B, King Von’s sister, seemingly got into a physical fight after arguing on social media for the entirety of the day. A video has surfaced, which shows them throwing hands, but Cuban Doll maintains that she came out of the battle unscathed, showing her bruised lip with no other injuries. Some angles show that the fight may have gone a little differently though, with Kayla actually landing a bite on the rapper. That much gave her some major points in 50 Cent’s book.

The legendary rapper/television producer doesn’t skip anything when it comes to internet drama, commenting on the scuffle hours after it happened. On Thursday morning, 50 Cent took to Instagram to share a picture of some viciously sharp teeth, also adding a screenshot from Kayla and Cuban’s fight, choosing sides in the caption. “@imkaylab want all the smoke,” he wrote.

It isn’t surprising that Fif would decide to back up Kayla in this matter. Just last week, the two were spotted partying together on Kayla’s Instagram page. “My BROTHER A REAL ONE,” said Von’s sister. “@50cent & we miss you brotherrrrr.”

The altercation happened after Kayla said that Cuban was allegedly trying to hook up with her brother. She called out the rapper, offering to pay her to link up and throw hands. They eventually met the same day, doing exactly that.

Whose side are you on? Kayla or Cuban?