50 Cent Clowns Young Buck & Exposes One Of His Alleged “Boyfriends”


Young Buck has taken the last few weeks to try and convince his fanbase that the multi-year feud he’s had with 50 Cent was entirely staged. According to the Tennessee rapper, the beef was orchestrated by Fiddy in an attempt to revive Buck’s career. During aΒ live stream, Buck said that the intention was to tear him down in order to build him back up. He stated that 50 would soon be confirming that the feud was fake. However, weeks later andΒ Curtis Jackson is still sharing homophobic and transphobic jokes about Buck’s rumored sexual identity.

Inundated with rumors about his sexual identity, Young Buck has fought back against haters claiming that he has a preference for trans women. Recently, rapper Cub Da CookUpBoss shared a 30-minute video addressing the situation with Buck, in which he calls out the former G-Unit member, exposing one of his alleged “boyfriends”: a trans woman named Jazmine. Of course, 50 Cent had something to say about the video.

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“It is what it is Bro,” wrote Fif on a video of the CookUpBoss calling out Buck. In the comments, people are urging 50 to simply stop antagonizing his former friend, asking him to let it go. He has also been embroiled in a feud with Snowfall actor De’Aundre Bonds, promising to blackball him from any future television projects he takes on.

Read more about the long history between 50 Cent and Young Buck here. Watch the video in question below.

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