50 Cent Explains Why You Can’t Comment On His Instagram


Usually, a celebrity will disable comments on their social media profiles when they’re in the midst of a scandal. However, 50 Cent hasn’t done anything out-of-the-norm or unnecessarily controversial in weeks. His decision to disallow comments on his Instagram page was confusing to some so he decided to explain why he opted to flip the switch in a new post.

In his last few uploads, 50 Cent wrote that he would be turning comments off on his page until Instagram gets everything figured out with the ridiculous number of spam pages running rampant.

50 Cent Instagram
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“If you are disappointed you can’t comment on my post sorry,” said the rapper. “I’m tired of deleting bots to many fake pages.”

Fiddy enjoys interacting with his fans, commenting back on their remarks and playfully trolling them at times. However, with the recent increase in spam account numbers, 50 Cent is taking his talents back to Twitter for the time being. While he will still be active on Instagram, he is not allowing fans to comment on his content until the social network cracks down on bots.

In case you can’t read between the lines, that means that 50 Cent doesn’t care if you’re a 13-year-old rapper from Wisconsin who has the most fire beats of all time. He also couldn’t care less about how your Instagram story is apparently better than Pornhub.

Bring back real people and Fif will bring back comments. Simple as that.

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