50 Cent Flames Kanye West Over Fyre Festival-Esque Brunch Before Sunday Service


Kanye West’s weekly spiritual retreat, Sunday Service, had a brief moment where it started to look like Fyre Festival. Ye had a performance in Baton Rouge in support of Jesus Is King but ahead of his performance, those in attendance were invited to a brunch. It should be noted that it wasn’t Kanye who organized the pre-show brunch but rather, the promoters. However, it’s still a reflection of Kanye’s event and it didn’t take long for the Internet to start roasting him.

50 Cent took part in the online roast session, as you’d imagine when he hopped on Instagram and reposted an image of the meal. “I thought I was hustling,” wrote the Power exec. “The n!**a selling $55 pancakes. What the fuck! LOL.” The headline for the article he posted was from the Daily Mail, and read, “Outrage as Kanye West sells ‘rip-off’ $55 ‘Brunchella’ VIP breakfast plate at church service and suddenly everyone is reminded of FYRE FESTIVAL.”

The caterers, Lauryn’s Fine Catering, later issued a statement regarding the service that was provided to the event. They also denied that they issued any sort of statement to the DailyMail on Friday. “We were contacted only 28 hours prior to the event, after the $55 price had been set by the organizers, not Lauryn’s Fine Catering,” the statement reads. “We regret that our food ordered by the organizers, was not what the guests had envisioned, and did not remain hot at all times, as the warming dishes were susceptible to the 35 degree weather, and our goal was to serve the more than 2,000 VIP guests as quickly as possible.”

Read their statement below. 

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