50 Cent Jokes Coronavirus Arrived From China Faster Than His Gucci Belts


Following the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, notorious troll 50 Cent vowed that he would not to argue with anyone anymore regardless of whether he has a problem with them. The promise was certainly out of character for 50, who is known for starting sh*t with just about everyone and playing the bully role.

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By Wednesday, two days after he announced that his beefing antics were behind him, 50 basically broke his vow by clowning Fetty Wap for pretending to get new eyeballs. 50 commented on the video of Fetty, “this Boy stupid,” and while this may not count as starting an argument in 50’s eyes, he’s definitely not helping his case. 50 is abandoning his commitment to keeping the peace even more with one of his latest posts, in which he jokes about the Coronavirus.

50 shared a meme about the deadly virus that has killed over 170 people in China and has now spread to the U.S. The meme asks, “How tf that virus from China get here before my Gucci belts? 🤨.” In the caption, 50 insists that he’s not going against his vow with this joke, writing, “😷i said i was not gonna argue and i’m not. 😇positive Vibes.” This is not the first time that 50 has brought up the Coronavirus on social media. Earlier this week, he expressed his disgust about the virus spreading in the U.S. and brazenly asked Donald Trump to “send these motherf*ckers back to China.” He also said he is no longer going to eat General Tao’s chicken. He has since deleted the post, likely after receiving backlash for his offensive reaction. A Chinese restaurant’s Coronavirus prevention plan had 50 even more shook, as he wrote “ok this is serious, what the fuck is going on?” on Instagram. Despite noting how “serious” the disease is, 50 has decided to make light of the situation.

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