50 Cent & Michael Blackson Get A Laugh Out Of Floyd Mayweather’s Superbowl Outfit


At the top of 2020, 50 Cent announced his resolution to stay away from the trolling. He reaffirmed his newfound dedication to peacefulness in the wake of Kobe Bryant’s passing. As we all know, taking shots and starting beefs are among Fifty’s favorite past-times, so this probably won’t be an easy goal for him to accomplish. He appears to already be slipping up a bit. 

Michael Blackson, Fif’s fake foe, reposted a meme poking fun at Fif’s actual foe, Floyd Mayweather Jr. The famous boxer wore a Louis Vuitton jacket to the Superbowl on Sunday night that resulted in him being the butt of an airplane joke. The meme jokes that jacket’s many protruding pockets could be used as a way to bypass a flight’s baggage restrictions. While Mayweather posed like he was the flyest-looking guy in the stadium, Blackson and Fifty found his fit quite comical. Blackson posted it on his Instagram page with no caption, but he probably had a similar reaction as Fif: crying of laughter. Fif recently said that he has no interest in talking about Mayweather anymore, but I guess he saw deriving some joy from a meme is a harmless exception. 

Fifty used to have a public feud with Blackson too, but theirs was all in good fun. They went back-and-forth on social media about a debt that Blackson was supposedly unable to pay the rapper back for. They buried that hatchet at the unveiling ceremony of 50’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame star last week

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