50 Cent Responds To Trump’s Coronavirus Suggestion: “I Think I Like Him”


Donald Trump proposed that millions of Americans condense disinfectants like Lysol to be injected into their veins to fight off COVID-19. That is a real thing that happened and, justifiably so, Charlamagne Tha God named him Donkey Of The Day for doing so. In addition to his startling remark, Trump also suggested Americans use bleach to fight off the virus.

With good reason, the President of the United States is being clowned HARD online because of what he said. All over social media, people are reacting to the man’s disturbing suggestion with memes and 50 Cent joined in on the fun.

50 Cent Trump
Mark Sullivan/Getty Images

“This fucking guy is a nightmare,” wrote 50 Cent on Instagram, sharing an animated photo of Trump guzzling a bottle of bleach to prevent catching COVID-19. His next statement was a little worrisome though.

“But i think i like him,” said Fiddy. “I cant believe he said that shit out loud.”

Comments have been disabled on the post, much like on all of his other uploads. 

50 Cent is not the only person to have commented on the perplexing speech given by Trump this week. Snoop Dogg has also chimed in, sharing a similar meme to his page.

Maybe Trump should test out this bleach method before suggesting it to millions around the nation.

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