50 Cent Reveals Which Rappers Didn’t Make The Cut For “BMF” Or “Power”


50 Cent’s ramping up to tell the tale of Black Mafia Family with his upcoming BMF series. It’s the next series up his sleeve following the success of Power which has already resulted in an award-winning spin-off with a few others on the way. The rapper’s already fielding tons of requests from fellow musicians, both young and old, to join the cast.

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In a recent interview with HipHopDX, the rapper detailed the success of the series, along with a list of a few rappers who tried to join the cast of either Power or BMF. Unfortunately, they didn’t end up making it onto the show. Pardison Fontaine, famously known for his work with Cardi B, previously auditioned for a role on Power. 

“Quavo… he read for one of the characters in BMF; Casanova read for the Omar character in BMF,” he said. 

Neither of them ended up making it but perhaps, we’ll end up catching them down the line in some sort of 50 Cent-EP’d show. The rapper’s already enlisted people like Method Man and Mary J. Blige for Power Book II. Kash Doll was recently revealed to be cast for BMF, as well.

While many have wanted to work under 50 Cent on a movie set, the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ MC was recently criticized by De’Andre Bonds from Snowfall who channeled his inner Suge Knight to slam “executive producers who are all in the movie scenes.” Fif didn’t like that. 

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