50 Cent Ridicules His Girlfriend For Her Fancy Workout Shoes


Before getting into a relationship with 50 Cent, you’ve got to know just how savage this man really is. You should expect to be trolled publicly on a regular basis. Perhaps his digs may be hurtful. Other times, they’re hilarious. You never quite know what to anticipate from him. The television producer doesn’t hold back on his romantic partners, ridiculing them in front of his major social media following all the time. Striking up a bond with Jamira Haines, known online as Cuban Link, this summer, 50 Cent has gone at her on more than one occasion. This week, he was unimpressed with her choice of workout sneakers, making fun of her Chanel shoes and suggesting a less expensive alternative.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Sharing a video of Cuban Link getting some exercise in, Fif had some jokes in his caption, attacking her wardrobe with this to say: “who told her ass to work out in Chanel sneakers. What’s wrong with Nike’s @_cuban_link they come in every color.”

The socialite clapped back by telling her man to buy some regular old sneakers for her, inviting him to cash out at the mall. Like we said, if you’re hanging out with 50 Cent, you need to have a solid sense of humor. If not, you may end up with your feelings hurt.


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