50 Cent Supports Diddy After Comcast Mentions REVOLT: “They Are Racist”


Who would ever think the day would come when 50 Cent shows support for Diddy without throwing any sort of shade? Diddy issued a statement earlier today in response to Comcast mentioning his name in court. The company attempted to dodge allegations of racist practices by saying they carry REVOLT. Diddy made it clear that this wasn’t entirely accurate. Because they used his name, he insisted on telling his own truth.

50 Cent, who’s expressed his own grievances with Comcast in the past, has shown his support for Diddy. Now, Fif typically never mentions Diddy’s name without cracking a joke in the same sentence. However, Fif made it clear that Comcast has been out of pocket for a while. “I’m with Diddy on this one Comcast bugging out they are racist,” he wrote on Instagram.

Comcast has previously threatened to drop Starz, the network that carries Power, and 50 has done what he does best: roast the shit out of the CEO. He shared a photo of Brian Roberts, writing, “mother fucker look like he been pushed around his whole life. He need to chill out, go to a golf course or sit his ass down some where.”

Diddy made it quite clear that his business dealings with Comcast haven’t shown any signs of true inclusivity. “Comcast spends billions of dollars on content networks every year, but just a few million go to African American owned networks like REVOLT. That is unacceptable,” he said. ” REVOLT has never been in a position to truly compete on a fair playing field because it has not received the economic and distribution support necessary for real economic inclusion. Our relationship with Comcast is the illusion of economic inclusion.”

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