50 Cent Takes Aim At “Snowfall” Actor De’Aundre Bonds: “F*ck Outta Here”


We all have witnessed Rap beef but…TV beef? A post made by Snowfall actor De’Aundre Bonds has caught the attention of 50 Cent and now, it’s become a viral moment. Bonds is a veteran actor known for his roles in The Wood, Tales From the Hood, and Get on the Bus, and most recently, he’s been appearing in John Singleton’s hit crime drama, Snowfall. On his Instagram page, Bonds gave a nod to Suge Knight’s 1995 The Source Hip Hop Awards moment by giving a shout-out to his show.

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 “If you don’t want the executive producers all in the movie scenes, all on the TV screen tryin’ to steal the shine from the actors, come to Snowfall! Yeah! C’mon! Y’all already know,” said Bonds in his clip. While the actor didn’t specifically say any names or call anyone out, it seems that Power felt some type of way and 50 Cent answered by reposting the video with a few thoughts in the caption.

“Every now and then i get a hater. [eyeball emoji] note to self, never give this n!66a a job. [three laughing emojis] F*ck outta here [stoplight emoji] Green Light Gang.” In the comments, Fif added, “Times must really be hard, old boy look like he on the sh*t for real.” Actor Michael Rainey Jr. chimed in, “We all know why he love snowfall so much.”

Bonds seems to have ignored the verbal jabs. Check out the posts below.