50 Cent Tells “P.I.M.P” Origin Story With Childhood Throwback


50 Cent has never been one to switch-up on us. Unabashedly himself for the duration of his entire career, Fif’s tell-it-like-it-is demeanor has certainly ruffled plenty of feathers. Between the countless rappers he’s targeted on wax to those debt-abstainers he’s been forced to kneecap, 50 remains a product of the environment he grew up in. In an era where one must constantly watch what they say, 50 has risen above it all, seemingly impervious to cancel culture and those who ascribe to a politically correct way of life. You might be wondering how one might instill such moral principles (or lack thereof) within themselves. A new hypothesis suggests that 50 was simply born this way.

Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

Case in point, his latest throwback post delivered via his typical platform of IG. The image in question depicts our hero in his youthful stages, nursing a budding “puppy love” with an unnamed pal. And yet, his caption paints a different story altogether. “Shit I been Pimpin I told her then, we can kick it but I got shit to do. LOL,” he writes, making it abundantly clear that his “P.I.M.P” origin story was not a late-game development.

Ever the badass with the heart of gold, 50 made sure to share a little bit of holiday cheer in a followup comment, sending some Thanksgiving love to his readers and fans. He’s a good man, that Curtis Jackson. A little rough around the edges, but a good man all the same. 

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