50 Cent Trolls Elon Musk With “Tesla Bike 50 Cent Edition” After Truck Unveiling


There isn’t a day that goes by that 50 Cent doesn’t have trolling on his mind. It’s gotten to the point that he comes across as a TV exec. first, retired rapper second, and bonafide troll third. And his trolling isn’t limited to his peers and friends in hip-hop. Anyone can get the smoke including America’s 1%. 

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Elon Musk has brought his innovative mind to automobiles, technology, and the environment. This past week, he unveiled the brand new Tesla truck which truly looks like something out of a sci-fi film. As the wealthy begin to pre-order their own Tesla trucks for the New Year, 50 Cent decided to chime in on the forthcoming vehicle release with an “announcement” of his own.

50 Cent hit the ‘Gram to share the Tesla Bike 50 Cent edition. The rapper shared a photo of the Tesla Truck along with a clip of man riding a rectangular-shaped bicycle. “I’m proud to present the new unbreakable Tesla bike 50cent edition available in 2020,” he wrote. 

Elon Musk unveiled two new products recently that have been growing popular among rappers. Along with the truck, he also shared the Tesla 4-wheeler that caught the attention of Meek Mill. It appears as though the Philly native is waiting on it to drop in the future and we can expect him to be flexin’ on the ‘Gram once he gets it. 

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