50 Cent Wants In On Paid Chinese Troll Group “50 Cent Army”


50 Cent isn’t on Instagram anymore and we can’t help but assume that it wasn’t done by choice. There’s no doubt his page has sparked controversy that has even led him to court in the past. However, that just means he’s taking his business elsewhere. The rapper has been actively tweeting all day. Fif is arguably hip-hop’s first troll and he embraces it in full.

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Earlier today, the rapper shared a screenshot of a Bloomberg article where he discovered a group in China called “50 Cent Army.” This “army” literally has nothing to do with the rapper but the name is enticing enough to draw him in. The rapper tweeted, “do I have to go to China to find my Army. I just want to be apart of it. LOL.”

50 Cent Army isn’t a G-Unit fan club in China, although the title itself might seem that way. According to The Washington Post, the 50 Cent Army is a group of paid trolls hired by China to use Twitter and other forms of social media to sway the public’s opinion of the government in a favorable way. It launched in 2004 but the public was only aware of it in 2014 after it was hacked. By the time 2016 rolled around, the 50 Cent Army was already up to 500 million fake accounts. 

If Fif knew that, maybe he’d reconsider wanting to be apart of it. 

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