50 Cent Wears Post Malone’s Face Tattoos


Post Malone’s sound hasn’t changed much since he became an international music superstar but his look certainly has. The release of his collaborative music video with 50 Cent this week, which was filmed nearly five years ago, confirms that.

Back then, Post Malone wasn’t rocking nearly as many face tattoos as now. He also dressed differently as he was clearly still in the developmental stages of his career. Nowadays, Post Malone is a global brand. He is recognizable from all angles. Kids wear false face tattoos on Halloween to become the rapper for a few hours, but he has to live with them for the rest of his life. 

50 Cent recently wondered what he would look like with all that ink on his face (as he regularly does) and he posted the results on Instagram.

Post Malone 50 Cent
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

“Y’all trying to fuck me over, Y’all all tryin to fuck me over,” wrote the New York legend, promoting his new music video with Post Malone and rocking the man’s signature face tats. “Always Tired” is written underneath his eyes. “Stay Away” is placed just above his eyebrow. Barbed wire runs across his forehead. All of the markings we know and recognize from Posty’s visage have been traded onto 50 Cent and, for some reason, they just don’t work.

Take a look at the silly post below and let us know your thoughts.

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