6ix9ine’s Former Security Guard Dies, Sara Molina Shares Their Messages


Tekashi 6ix9ine’s ex-girlfriend Sara Molina has confirmed the death of Shadow, the rapper’s former security guard. Shadow was one of the more well-known people on 6ix9ine’s team at the height of his career, protecting the controversial rapper as he entered into feuds with dozens of other stars. He built a large following over the years, working as security for people like Drake, Jake Paul, and countless others.

Shadow was remembered by Sara Molina for helping her at one of her lowest points. She shared a log of their text messages, in which she reveals that Shadow helped her following 6ix9ine’s brutal domestic violence incident in Dubai. 

“I was gonna go on a little break from Instagram but given the circumstances and what I’ve seen happen, I want to give my deepest sincere condolences to Shadow’s family, his kids JJ, Boogie, Mason, and his latest addition Zion, as well as his wife, Christina,” she said. “I know Shadow loved you. Just the way he would talk about you– his ‘Cuban Mami’. Shadow was a great person. He was a great man, he was a family man. I am deeply saddened ’cause I know the impact he made in my life as well as many others.”

Sara went on to reveal that Shadow helped her during a domestic violence incident with 6ix9ine in Dubai, which she has described on multiple occasions. Sharing their text messages from September 2019, Shadow expressed gratitude that Sara had come forward with her abuse allegations, saying that he would explain what truly happened if he ever wrote a book. He also says he “put hands on” Tekashi after he beat up Sara, revealing what he told the rapper at the time.

Read their messages below. Rest in peace, Shadow.