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Buy Beats For Sale

When it comes to Buying Beats Online recording artist have a lot of opportunities at their fingertips. If you do not know or have the equipment to produce your own beats finding a producer online is a great way to move your projects forward. Buying beats for sale online also allows for you to focus your time on writing and performing your lyrics instead of spending hours producing the beat yourself or producing it while in the recording studio. Having studio ready beats will also save you time spend in the recording studio, which will save you money. When shopping for beats online there are many many producers out there. Recording Artists can find on Soundcloud, Youtube, Soundclick, Facebook, Bandcamp, Google Search. Artists can also find beats on popular beat selling platforms such as Beatstars, Airbit (formally known as MyFlashStore), and Soundclick. 

Where To Buy Beats Online?

With so many places and options to buy beats for sale online, how does a recording artist decide where to purchase instrumentals? There are many factors that will determine the decision including but not limited to: Production Style, Price of the Beats, Beat Delivery, Beat Licensing Terms, and Relationships.

Production Style and Type Beats

It is important that rappers and singers record their songs over a variety of different type beats and styles. This is a great way to showcase your versatility. Unless you want every song on your album or mixtape to sound like each other and cookie cutter, you should look for variety when buying beats online. Building the album by using different type beats from multiple producers can do this. Or you can find a versatile producer that can supply you with different types of beats for sale. For example we offer J Cole Type Beats as well as Post Malone Type Beats. We offer Trap beats as well as old school hip-hop beats and LoFi Beats. We also have a selection of beats with hooks for sale. If you have a variety of style songs on your catalog you are going to bring in a larger audience and fan base. Be versatile and offer something for everyone. Don’t be afraid to branch out and do something different, that is truly what makes a recording artist stand out from the rest.

How Much To Pay For Beats Online?

When buying beats online you will instantly notice that beats are priced all over the map. But research has shown that the average price for a lease will start at between $20-$50. Now you will find producers selling their beats for as low as $1.99. This is truly a shame as they are devaluing their work. If a producer truly stands by his product and ability he will have no problems selling beats for $20 and up. Also when you find producers selling their beats for this low, think about how many other artists have purchased that beat, recorded to the beat and released songs using this beat already. This also goes the same with buying the most popular beats on YouTube, Soundclick, Beatstars etc. I also believe that at the same time you should not rip customers off by over charging them. There are many cost involved for recording artist to get their project off the ground. These additional costs include but not limited to: studio sessions, social media promotion, album art designs, distribution cost and more. That’s why I keep my beat prices reasonable to allow for upcoming artist to have more available funding to launch a more successful campaign.

How are beats delivered?

Buying beats online should be an easy and seamless process. The beat delivery system should be pretty instant. After purchasing beats from a producer’s online beat store player you should receive your beats via email within a few hours. Now I’m sure you are thinking “this is pretty much standard now”, but believe it or not there are still producers out there not using automated beat delivery systems and using Paypal to sell their beats online. Some of the most popular beat automated players can be used form,, It is also important to note that sometime the email with your beats may end up in your spam or junk folder. This can happen with almost all beat store providers. So after you purchase your beats remember to check your spam folder if you have not received your beats within a few hours.

Beat Licensing Terms

When you are shopping to buy beats online you should have no trouble finding information on what you are purchasing. Do not just jump the gun and purchase a beat simply because the track is hot. Remember this is a very important decision and is a business. You should know what you are allowed and not allowed to do with your licensed beat. This also goes for free beats. Recording Artists should also know their limitations with free beats. By not knowing the terms and limitations artist can find themselves in legal trouble. This is why it is important to read over everything and if something is unclear reach out to the producer for clarification. Do not be afraid to ask questions. The only dumb question is the one not asked. Producers should show customers what each beat license includes. Most producers will offer both leases and exclusive beats. There should also be a beat licensing terms page or section where recording artists can see an example of the terms agreement. When you purchase a beat, the personalized license agreement should be sent to you along with your beat files. When you buy beats from our website you will get a license agreement with your name and information on it along with your tracks. This agreement you should print and keep on file for your records.

Its all about relationships

Buying beats online should not be a wham bam thank you ma’am experience. Collaborating with a producer is showing them that you believe in their music production and producers should return the favor. Producers should honor those who collaborate with them by sharing and showcasing their music. For example we offer free music promotion for all of our customers.  I always ask for artists to share with me their recordings so I can help promote them. “I even put this in the contracts”. But of course many do not follow through, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. I will find artists out there who have collaborated with my beats and share it across all social media platforms, my blog, as well as my soundcloud playlist. I also offer discounts and coupons to all customers who have purchased beats and collaborated with me in the past. I believe that the relationship doesn’t stop when the transaction goes through, it has just begun. So please find a producer who values your work as much as you value theirs.

Sell More Beats Online

If you are a producer looking to get more exposure on your beats and sell more beats online you should visit our affiliate beats page. Here you can submit your beats to be sold on our website that gets thousands of visitors a week and ranks on the first page of google for popular terms like “buy beats online”, “beats for sale” and many more.