A Puppy Born With Green Fur Named Hulk Has The Internet Going Crazy


A North Carolina family was positively perplexed last Friday, when they discovered something rather unusual about one of their newborn puppies. Their white German shepherd, Gypsy, gave birth to eight pups total, but the fourth one stood out a little from the rest. 

“I started freaking out because it was green,” Shana Stamey told local outlet WIS News 10 about the little guy, whose name is, fittingly, Hulk. “He was lime green and super mad, so yeah, he became Hulk,” she said. Other than this odd colouring, all eight puppies came out totally healthy. Despite Hulk’s clean bill of health, his fur colour defect is, however, the result of something a little gross. According to Suzanne Cianiciulli, a veterinarian technician at Junaluska Animal Hospital, the lime green colour comes from meconium, which is an infant mammal’s earliest stool. “The sack that they’re in when they’re in their mom, there can be meconium in there, and that tends to stain them,” she revealed. The poop stain will eventually fade away until it’s gone for good, as Hulk’s doggy mom licks him and he gets bathed by his human family. Of course, the crazy story had Twitter going nuts over the adorable little tennis ball pup.

However, some argued that the puppy was actually yellow, not lime green. The puppy quickly became another “black and blue/white and gold dress” dilemma.

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