A$AP Rocky Fan Gets Court Date For Threatening To Blow Up Swedish Embassy


Last summer, A$AP Rocky’s imprisonment in Sweden for assault incensed fans across the globe, and one such fan took things a little too far. While Rocky was serving time in a Swedish prison, a woman by the name of Rebecca Kanter was arrested for threatening to blow up the House of Sweden in protest, and has now been given an official court date where she will learn her fate.

Kanter paid a visit to the Swedish Embassy on July 22nd, 2019, in which she allegedly spewed the contents of a Coca Cola bottle at the House of Sweden complex while threatening to “blow this motherf*cker up” before fleeing the premises. Despite the “Be On The Look Out For (BOLO)” notice issued by Secret Service agents issued, Kanter was not located until the following day when she returned to the House of Sweden. She was not spotted until after she somehow got passed security and cursed out the Embassy for the arrest and incarceration of A$AP Rocky. After Kanter proceeded to knock over a display and coffee table in the lobby, Embassy staff gave her the opportunity to leave, but she resisted. Secret Service agents arrested her, and she was released on bond before returning to court on July 31st. She will now receive an official verdict on charges of willfully injuring and damaging property of a foreign government and refusing to depart a foreign embassy, when she appears in front of a judge later this month on January 29th.


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