A$AP Rocky Snaps On Crowd For Failed Mosh Pit: “This Is F*cking Embarrassing”


If you’ve ever been to an A$AP Rocky show, you already know what to expect — moshing, crowd surfing, and overall madness. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to be the case at a recent A$AP Rocky show. The rapper recently performed in Brooklyn for a pre-Thanksgiving flex. The crowd wasn’t on the same flex as Rocky, though. It’s unfortunate since New York City is his hometown and all but they just weren’t as excited as most crowds would be to see Flacko in the flesh.

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

“New York, this is fuckin’ embarrassing,” he yelled at the crowd. “Y’all n***as don’t know how to fuckin’ mosh. Open it up. If you a pussy, get the fuck out the center of it, n***a,” he continued.

Rocky, who was posted up on his security guards shoulder, yelled at the crowd to move while a small group of individuals attempted to start a mosh pit. However, it seems like there wasn’t even enough space to breathe, let alone create a pit with the sole purpose of pushing people. 

In related news, A$AP Rocky has somehow found himself in the presidential impeachment inquiry. One of the witnesses, Gordon Sondland, mentioned discussing Rocky’s case in Sweden while documents from the impeachment revealed that the Trump admin wanted to leave Rocky out to dry and then pull out the race card. 

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