A$AP Rocky Speaks On Colorism In New “Cyberpunk 2077” Song


Cyberpunk 2077 is finally out. After years of gamers begging for the futuristic game to be released, as well as multiple delays and setbacks, people are officially driving through the Night City, discovering everything that they could pull off in the game. 

As expected, the soundtrack is pretty stellar, including new music from some rarely-heard from artists, like A$AP Rocky.

The rapper was in the news earlier today after reports suggested that he’s been in the “friend zone” with Rihanna for years, but recently, they finally took their friendship to another level. Now, he’s back in the headlines for his new song inside of Cyberpunk 2077, which references his past issues with self-hatred and colorism.

Noam Galai/Getty Images

“Man when I was younger I wished that I was light-skinned, now wouldn’t trade the world for my skin,” raps Rocky on the track, which many are praising on social media. “I surpassed what you could do inside your lifespan, so just give me a little credit like a white man,” he goes on to say on the record.

The song has not been released to digital streaming platforms yet. It may end up being a Cyberpunk 2077 exclusive for the next little while unless they eventually release their soundtrack.

Check it out below!

Rocky’s Cyberpunk 2077 song in-game AUDIO on The Dirge radio station. from r/asaprocky