Aaron Carter Insists Reported Overdose Was False Alarm After Police Called On Him


Aaron Carter was awoken by law enforcement officials on Wednesday night after he appeared to suffer an overdose over live stream. Fans were worried when the former pop star suddenly fell silent in the video, suspecting he may have been having an overdose. Law enforcement told TMZ that they received a call on Wednesday night to do a wellness check on Aaron in his California home. Officers went to pay him a visit at around 8:00pm, and promptly broke down his door and entered his home when he didn’t answer. In the video posted by TMZ of the incident taken from the ongoing live stream, Aaron can be heard arising from his slumber by police entering his bedroom, asking if he’s alright. “Aaron! What’s up my brotha!” one officer asks. “F**k man, are you okay?” he proceeds to ask, to which Aaron reassures him that he’s fine and had just dozed off. Aaron told TMZ that police further questioned him, asking if he was suicidal, had taken any pills or had threatened to harm himself. He also said he’s going request that they repair his door.

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This is not the first time in the recent past that the public has suspected Aaron of abusing drugs. In October, Aaron took to Instagram to prove that he wasn’t using by showing the results of a urine test. Aaron has also been involved in plenty of controversy this year, from his face tattoo of Rihanna as Medusa, to his accusations against his late sister Leslie and Backstreet-Boy-brother Nick Carter, as well as Nick and their other sister Angel’s subsequent restraining order. Aaron has been candid about his mental health struggles in the past, sharing his schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder diagnoses.

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