Aaron Hernandez Doc Explores Alleged Relationship With Gay Lover


Aaron Hernandez’s crimes have been well-documented. The former New England Patriots wide receiver was convicted for the murder of Odin Lloyd while teammates and fans remain confused as to why he went down such a dark path. Hernandez committed suicide while in prison and after his death, people began looking for answers. The man was clearly misunderstood and the new Netflix docuseries Killer Inside: The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez looks to seek some of those answers.

There have been rumors that Hernandez was bisexual and even had a gay lover. In the documentary, Hernandez’s former high school quarterback Dennis SanSoucie comes forward and alleges he had a relationship with the late football star.

“We used to horseplay, that was our thing. We used to love horseplaying and having fun with each other because we were just kids full of life,” SanSoucie said via decider.com. “Aaron and I had an on and off-relationship from the seventh grade to junior year of high school. Aaron participated with many people. I was a small piece of Aaron’s sexual activity.”

The documentary debuted today and will certainly provide fans with some insight into Hernandez’s life and his mindset for much of his career. If you’ve seen the documentary, let us know in the comments below and tell us what you thought about it. 

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