Aaron Hernandez Murder Victim’s Lawyer Speaks After Docuseries Debuts


Like most things that happen in a content-driven age in media, the story of Aaron Hernandez’s rise and fall was bound to be subject to a Netflix documentary. Killer Inside: The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez documents the former football star’s murder case up until his suicide. CTE and his sexuality were two topics that were heavily explored in the documentary in relation to Aaron’s murder case.

The family of Aaron’s victim, Odin Lloyd, are not happy about the Netflix docuseries. Although it isn’t shocking, the producers reportedly didn’t take into consideration the victim’s family when they went forward with the project. Lloyd’s family said that they’re having to relive memories of his death and the trial after they’ve tried to get over it since Aaron’s conviction. With the newfound attention on them, once again, they said that that people are going to desperate lengths to get in contact with them. A few people even messaging their family members in defense of Hernandez. 

What’s worse about this is apparently, not only did they not want to be included in the doc, they never signed off to be included in the film. They’ve continuously declined offers for specials on Aaron in the past and weren’t interested in involving themselves in one now. However, old footage of the family was included in the documentary which they said makes it seem like they were involved. Old photos of Odin was also used in the doc without their consent, they said. 

Speaking to E! News, the lawyer for Odin Lloyd’s family said that he’s yet to hear any complaints from the family about this. “I continue to love and care for this family. They are wonderful people. We are proud to represent them in anything they need,” he said.

But as previously pointed out by TMZ, the family doesn’t have any intention of taking the film’s producers to court. 

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