Aaron Hernandez Netflix Docuseries Receives Its First Teaser: Watch


Aaron Hernandez was one of the most promising wide receivers in the NFL during the early part of this decade. While playing for the New England Patriots, Hernandez was an absolute beast and was just as physically gifted as his tight end peer, Rob Gronkowski. In the end, Hernandez’s career came crashing down when he was arrested and convicted for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Hernandez has another murder case against him although he ended up beating that. 

In 2017, Hernandez committed suicide in prison which was a truly shocking development. Now, Netflix is making a docuseries about his life called Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez. The show will be dropping on January 15th of 2020 and a new teaser has been made available. In the clip below, you can hear Hernandez talking about his temper.

Hernandez is one of the biggest falls from graces in NFL history and his story is truly a cautionary tale that will be told for years to come. For years, many have been left confused as to why he acted the way he did. Perhaps this docuseries will provide those answers and some insight into why he behaved in such a violent manner.

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