Aaron Hernandez’s Ex-Fiancee Set To Break Silence On Netflix Doc Next Week


Aaron Hernandez has been back in the news after Netflix released the documentary, Killer Inside: The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez. The documentary was obviously a bombshell, detailing his sexuality, his murder cases, his childhood, and more. One person who didn’t appear in the documentary, though, is Shayanna Jenkins, the former fiancee of the one-time NFL star.

This Monday, Jenkins will sit down on GMA for her first interview since the documentary dropped. Jenkins has been silent, for the most part, since the documentary’s release, although she did issue a message on Instagram to thank everyone for their positive messages. The teaser for the interview started with the reporter asking her, “How do you think the world should remember Aaron Hernandez?” Clips of her tearfully respond are shown as the narration continues. Jenkins will be discussing the documentary as well as facts that were missing from the documentary itself.

The documentary has sparked more backlash from people who were directly connected to Aaron Hernandez’s murder case including the family of the victim. The other day, Odin Lloyd’s family said they were blindsided by the documentary especially after they declined this documentary and other specials in the past. They said that the producers used old footage of themselves in the documentary to make it appear as if they gave exclusive interviews for it. 

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