Aaron Rodgers Throws Shots At Vikings Fans After MNF Win


Aaron Rodgers has been one of the best quarterbacks in the league over the last few years although he hasn’t always had the right team around him. The Packers have struggled with defense and running backs although this season, everything has changed. This Packers squad is proficient in every single facet of the game and their 12-3 record is proof of that. Last night, the Packers had one of their most convincing wins of the season as they defeated the Minnesota Vikings 23-10 and clinched the NFC North in the process.

Following the game, Rodgers spoke with reporter Matt Schneidman about the win and how it was nice to win in Minnesota. As the QB explained, the Vikings fans haven’t always been nice to him so he was glad to run a victory in their faces, especially with what was on the line.

Thanks to a strong NFC division, the Packers will have to wait until next weekend to know what their playoff seeding will be. There is a chance they get a bye in the Wild Card round although they will have to wait and see what the San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints are able to do.

Either way, the NFC playoff picture is about to get very interesting.

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