Abby Jasmine Explains Why She Chooses Drake Over Lil Wayne On “This Or That”


New York rapper Abby Jasmine sees big things in her future. She knows that, in order to make it in the music industry, you’ve got to be driven, determined and, most of all, hella talented. The fast-talking recording artist stopped by our offices earlier this year to spit a freestyle session and, recently, she returned to let us know a little bit more about herself. The rising songstress was tasked with answering some very tough questions, participating in our This Or That challenge and letting the fans into her mind.

In our This Or That series, we ask your favorite rappers a series of rapid-fire questions to see what kind of shit they’re into. Are you more of a FaceTime person or do you prefer texting? Does it go down in the Instagram DMs or Twitter? Abby Jasmine stars in the latest episode and, right off the bat, she exposes her reasoning for a ton of dilemma-inducing queries. 

Unsure of what she would pick between 00s and 90s fashion, Jasmine settles on the former, noting that she enjoys walking around SoHo and just checking out the vintage fits she sees. Then, she tells us that she would select Drake over Lil Wayne, explaining that she has more of an emotional connection to the 6ix God. “I be in my feelings,” she said. “My favorite Drake project is If You’re Reading This. I used to cry to that album in like the eighth grade. I used to sit in the dark and play that album.”

As for her fast food preferences, Chick-fil-A appears to be her go-to. Everything from the sauce to the delicious chicken gets her mouth watering, as she revealed. Learn more about this emerging talent in the video above. 


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