ABG Neal Raps About The Ideal Lifestyle On “With You”


Brooklyn artist ABG Neal has been making some big moves as of late and fans are beginning to get hip to what he can do on the mic. The artist actually used to be a boxer but he has since transitioned to the music world and he is making the most of this new opportunity. With some dope singles already out on streaming services, the artist came right back recently with a new effort called “With You.”

With this track, we immediately get met with a dope laid-back instrumental that is filled with some nice guitar lines. From there, ABG Neal delivers some braggadocios bars as if he is talking to a woman he is trying to get with. This is where ABG Neal speaks on his lifestyle and how the people around him are always keeping an eye on his various moves.

It’s a dope effort from the artist and you can check it out below.

Quotable Lyrics:

You see me in the foreign it coulda been with you
I know that niggas be hating when I be rolling through
They be on my gram waiting to see what I’ma do
If I know that you’re riding just know I’m sliding too