Abra Cadabra Returns Home To The Same Hustle On “Remember Me?”


Abra Cadabra’s made waves over the past few years even though he’s yet to release an actual album. “Robbery” and its remix featuring Krept & Konan helped him breakout and could possibly be looked at as one of the earliest efforts on UK Drill. It’s been a minute since we’ve heard some new solo music from him. Thankfully, he’s back and he has one important question for everyone: “Remember Me?”

Abra Cadabra comes out swinging on his latest single as he details the bleak reality of his world. Over ghostly garage vocal samples and haunting piano progressions, Abra Cadabra details the streets and abiding to the code. The video sheds light on the reality of coming home after prison stints and why it’s easy to get sucked back into the game again.

Quotable Lyrics
Where you from, bro? What you screamin’ out?
I’m from the O, we on the front street with the ninas out
If you strapped and you see an opp, better beat it out
And if you rob a mothafucka, make sure you clean ’em out

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