Ace Hood Releases Deep Single “Look In My Eyes”


Ace Hood just dropped a new single upon us and it is dope. The Florida rapper released “Look In My Eyes,” a reflective song that is more for chill vibes over turning up. The hook is memorable and his verses are relatable as he talks about fighting demons and relationship dynamics. Ace Hood’s flow is solid (as always) and his lyrics make you think (as always) about your own life. The song goes deep as the title “Look In My Eyes” alludes it might and is for those moments when you want to listen to some strong lyricism and substance. 

Peep the song below and find out why you shouldn’t lie to Ace Hood, especially if you’re looking him in the eyes.

Quotable Lyrics:

Look me in my eyes and say a lie but don’t lie to you
I’ve been working on my fears for all these years at least I’m trying to
How you gon’ look me in my eyes and tell a lie but say don’t lie to you (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I’ve been working through fears for all these years at least I’m trying to (yeah, yeah, yeah)


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