Action Bronson Drops Off “F*ck That’s Delicious” Episode 2


Action Bronson has been undergoing a body transformation for the ages, having shed over sixty pounds following a dedicated fitness and dietary regiment. Yet as they say, the show must go on, and that includes his passion project series F*ck That’s Delicious. 

No longer affiliated with Vice, the independently produced fifth season has shifted away from unbridled gluttony, placing further emphasis on Bronson’s active lifestyle. That’s not to say the gourmet culinary stylings of Chef Bronsolinio are done away with altogether — the iconic title suggests, there remains plenty of high-quality food porn designed to get the mouth-watering. 

In the fifth season’s second episode, titled “BAM BAM AND CC’S TORTURE CHAMBER,” Bronson hits the gym with Hall of Fame pitcher CC Sabathia, plays a spirited game of paddleball with his longtime buddy, and tosses a “beautiful prime bone-in filet” onto the grill. Though some might not necessarily be into the fitness footage, rest assured that there’s enough of Bronson’s signature wit and charming vernacular to keep even the most gym-averse viewer entertained. 

As for the main course, Bronson brushes his prime filets with garlic with the Sicilian oil (“Sun-softened,” he adds) before placing them tenderly atop the grill. A simple meal to be sure, but one that’s about as tried and true as they come. Check out the inspiring second episode of F*ck That’s Delicious below, and show some love to hip-hop’s favorite gourmet.