Adam Lublin, Ex-Hip Hop Manager & AEG Exec, Indicted On Third Sexual Assault Charge


It seemed as if Adam Lublin was sitting at the top of the world. There was a time when Lublin acted as manager for Young Thug and Kodak Black, and he was also a bigwig for AEG, the touring giant for big-name artists. He attended all the exclusive parties and was jet setting around the world, but earlier this year, that all came crashing down after the executive was hit with charges of sexual abuse.

We previously reported that Lublin faced two counts of burglary and one count of sexual abuse and as the weeks have progressed, more charges have been added. According to Rolling Stone, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has shared in court documents, “With respect to the November 22nd, 2015 incident, the defendant sexually assaulted a sleeping coworker. When she awoke to the defendant’s non-consensual touching, the Complaining Witness confronted the defendant immediately, waking up her friend who was sleeping in the room with her. She immediately reported what the defendant did to that friend and told others in the days that followed. The incident was also investigated by HR.” The “non-consensual touching” cited in the above statement reportedly was the woman waking to find Lublin’s fingers inside of her vagina.

In September, Lublin was arrested for the alleged assault of two roommates—incidents that occurred at differing times. In one, Lublin reportedly broke into his neighbor’s apartment, felt her up as she was sleeping and then stole her underwear along with a distinctive flamingo straw. Police canvassed the apartment building and saw him tossing out a cup with the same straw design. When they inspected the cup, the woman’s underwear were reportedly inside.

Lublin also stands accused of assaulting the woman’s roommate after she claims she “awoke to find a man in her bed touching her breasts and put her hand on his groin.” The DA wrote in court documents that there has been a forensic search of Lublin’s phone and incriminating evidence was found including searches of the women’s names, photos inside their apartment, and pornography photos of unconscious women being groped sexually.

Now, Rolling Stone shared that Lublin, who now faces upwards of 37 years in prison, has new charges of two counts of sexual abuse, second-degree burglary and second-degree burglary as a sexually motivated felony.


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